Fayette Progressive Industries Partners with Ohio Means Jobs at Southern State

Fayette Progressive Industries has partnered with Ohio Means Jobs in the formation of a Job Club at Southern State Community College.

The club is meeting once a week to discuss topics like team work, professionalism, work ethic, attitude and other items. Near the end, Kroger will be coming to the club, donating stock and demonstrating how to properly stock and scan. The club is also in search of an old cash register to work on money skills and educating the people on how to run a register. These are all valuable work skills that will prepare the members to acquire employment.

The theme for the training recently was teamwork. Justin was chosen to be the “team” leader. His duties involved directing the team in building a tall tower building using spaghetti and marshmallows. He was to lead the team by communicating what and how he wanted it to be built. This was a good lesson on how important effective communication is, and how important it is to a team. The other members of the club learned that they were able to do more when everyone worked together as a team and not building it on their own.

Thank you to Ohio Means Jobs and Southern State Community College for your contribution in these valuable lessons.

For more information, contact Betty Reisinger, Community Service Specialist through email at breisinger@fayettedd.com or by calling FPI at 740-335-7453.