FACT Self-Advocacy Group

FACT at Fire Safety Training

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People First/Self Advocacy group is a nationwide organization that holds regional, state and international meetings. They play a part in legislative decisions concerning people with disabilities by keeping up on the laws that affect people who have disabilities.

The Fayette County Board of DD Self-Advocacy group, FACT (which stands for Fayette Advocating Change Together) was reorganized from the People First group in 2011. They meet monthly on the first business day of every month at Kroger, in the conference room upstairs (handicap accessible). This organization gives our people that have a disability a chance to be recognized as a person first by having the opportunity to speak for themselves. They are also given the opportunity to learn parliamentary procedures and make decisions about what they want to do with their lives by empowering them to carry out their plans. They are given the opportunity to listen and help each other with problems, make plans for activities and set goals for the group. The FACT group has an advisor, currently Betty Reisinger along with Chris Shepard, chosen by FACT to help with resources and goals.

The Fayette County Self-Advocacy group gives our people the feeling of confidence so they can try and do things that they couldn’t do before. Most of all we have togetherness in enjoying discussions and having fun. Along with meeting monthly, the FACT Group also is participating in the Regional Advocacy Group Meetings in Chillicothe, OH. They meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Two members, who alternate monthly, attend this meeting.

The Self-Advocacy Group “Speak Up Slogan” stands for:

S – Speak up, ask question, and talk about concerns
P – Pay attention to others
E – Educate yourself
A – Ask question from trusted friends who advocate for you
K – Know your rights

Officers of the FACT group include: President – Ronnie, V.P. – Matthew, Secretary – Doug, Treasurer – Fred, Historian – Charles, Sergeant At Arms – Chuck