Human Resources

Fayette County Board of DD staff includes over 30 full-time, part-time and substitute staff.

The Superintendent oversees the Administration Team which consists of an Executive Administrative Assistant, Business Director, SSA Director, Early Childhood Director, Community First Director, Education Director, Delegated Registered Nurse/Early Intervention Developmental Specialist, Operations Director, Investigative Agent, Human Resources Director, Administrative Assistant/Fiscal Agent & Transportation Manager.

The Fayette County Progressive Preschool staff is led by the Education Director whose team consists of a Preschool Supervisor, Lead Intervention Specialist & RESA Mentor, two Intervention Specialists/Preschool Teachers, Six Educational Aide Paraprofessionals, and a Preschool Administrative Assistant/Substitute Preschool Teacher.

Preschool transportation is overseen by the Operations Director, whose team consists of an Administrative Assistant/Fiscal Agent & Transportation Manager., a Custodian, a Maintenance Contractor and three Vehicle Operators.

The Fayette County Early Intervention Program is led by the Early Childhood Director whose team consists of a Speech Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, two Developmental Specialists two part-time Early Intervention Service Coordinators, and an Early Childhood Administrative Assistant.

The Service & Support Administration Team is led by an SSA Director, whose staff consists of an Administrative Assistant/Family Support Services Contact, MUI Contact & Waiver Manager, and six SSA’s with one also being the Good Life Coordinator and Trauma Informed Care Trainer for the agency.

The Community First Department is led by the Community First Director whose staff consists of a contracted part-time Special Olympics Coordinator.

The Information Technology Department is overseen by the Operations Director whose staff consists of a part-time IT Manager and a full time IT Specialist.

All resumes, applications and questions may be emailed to the attention of Elizabeth Brennfleck,  We love our staff and are thankful for their service to the Board. Thank you for taking the time to view our position openings and consider us as a potential employer.

The Fayette County Board of DD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.