Early Intervention (EI)

The first three years of life are an extremely important time for the health and development of all children. Starting intervention services early may improve growth and also prevent or reduce the need for special help later.

Our Fayette County Early Intervention (EI) team provides developmental assessments to address concerns. Fayette County’s FCBDD) Early Intervention system serves families of children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or a diagnosed medical condition.

FCBDD offers a professional team that includes a developmental specialist, nurse, and speech, occupational and physical therapists.

Children learn best through everyday experiences and interactions with familiar people in comfortable environments. The family is the child’s best teacher. The FCBDD will partner with families in everyday routines and give ideas and activities that can be used between visits.

Support will be provided within the child’s natural environment, where they live, learn and play.

The EI center is an amazing place for new experiences and friendships. Play is a child’s work. The colorful, sensory-rich, environment gives many opportunities and plenty of space to move, learn and grow!

The Fayette County Board of DD early intervention Core Team follows the state and federal philosophy that supports evidence-based research by working with the child and the family in natural environments to provide coaching during every day routines.

Eligibility is determined by an evaluation and assessment if your child has a diagnosed disability, delay or medical condition. Each family has access to the core team and a primary service provider that works with your child on your schedule, addressing your concerns.  We are also happy to offer a play-based experience, once a week, in our early childhood center that incorporates this philosophy.  The primary service provider (PSP) along with other peers will contribute to the confidence and competence building in your child while they have fun and get to experience many activities.

For more information about FCBDD’s Early Intervention program, for children birth to 3 years of age, please contact the Early Intervention Department at 740-335-1391.