Fayette Progressive Preschool is a 5-Star Step Up To Quality rated program.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusive program from students of all abilities. The items below best describe our program:

  • Low student to staff ratio
  • Rooms filled with up-to-date, adapted, play-based materials
  • Creative environment that emphasizes exploration for both students and staff
  • Kindergarten preparation for those who are transitioning
  • Parent mentor support from local school districts
  • State-of-the-Art facility
  • Potty-training included in services
  • Daily communication with parents, Face-to-Face and electronic
  • Low tuition rates
  • Full-time Nurse, Office Administrator and Preschool Supervisor on-site
  • Staff credentialed with college degrees and excessive hours of professional development in early education



Early Intervention and Preschool Staff:

Early Intervention Administration – Ext 247

Preschool Administration – Ext 235

Early Intervention Office – Ext 237

Preschool Teachers – 238

Nurse – Ext 248

Occupational Therapy – Ext 251

Speech – Ext 251

Early Intervention/PLAY Project/EI Coordination – 242

Special Olympics – 222 or 218

Operations/Transportation Department:

Operations/Transportation – Ext 252

Technology – Ext 255