Community First

Community First

Our goal within the Community First department is to guide everyone to become contributing citizens in their community, through work and social recreation if they so choose.  Whether it be helping to prepare the high school students as they transition from school to adult life with work experiences and job readiness training, or empowering our adults to stand up and speak out for themselves through our Self-Advocacy group. Community Inclusion is our goal.

Many opportunities are available to those who would like to get involved within our community.  We have a book club that meets weekly (Monday’s from 4:45-5:45 at the Carnegie Public Library), and a self-advocacy group that meets at Kroger once a month.  Check back often as we continue to offer new opportunities.

Our Special Olympics program offers school age students (8-22 years of age), and adults the opportunity to be part of a team and travel to different counties to compete and meet new people.  The Fayette County Dragons currently offer sporting events such as a school-age basketball and softball team, an adult basketball and softball team, basketball cheerleading, and a bowling league. Another popular sport with our athletes is track and field with events such as distance walking, running, wheelchair racing, and Standing Long jump.

Here in the Community First Department and the Fayette County Board of DD, we believe in empowering people to be the very best version of themselves.

Tell me, I’ll forget

Show me, I may remember

But involve me and I’ll understand.

– Benjamin Franklin-