Administration building named in honor of Caryl Wagner Bookman

Caryl Wagner Bookman Center

The Board of Fayette County Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) including Larry Mayer, President; David Sanders, Vice President, Mark Heiny, Secretary, and Board members, Cody Kirkpatrick, Ben Snodgrass, Mitchell Kirby, and Nic Miller pays tribute to Caryl Wagner Bookman by naming the administrative office building in her honor. The inscription on the plaque reads:

Caryl was born in 1947 to Martha and James Wagner of Washington Court House. Caryl and her sister, Patricia were the proud siblings to their younger brother Tommy who was born with developmental disabilities. From Tommy’s early years, both Caryl and Patricia knew he had special needs and their quest began to support their parents in assisting Tommy.  Both Caryl and Patricia went into the field of education in part because, their desire to help all children began at home.

Caryl started her career as an educator and spent her teaching career working in Fayette County. Along with her teaching and family responsibilities, Caryl still found the time to volunteer for causes important to her. The Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) was a lucky recipient of her time.

Over several decades, Caryl volunteered for special events, assisted in the preschool and served on the Board of the Fayette County DD . Caryl was a strong advocate for the Fayette County Dragons and was especially fond of the Chameleons of the Fayette Progressive Preschool program.

Caryl and her husband Roger “Bookie” were often seen at annual Dragon games and fundraisers, served on the levy committee to assure sustainable funding for programs and were always available with a helping hand.

Cody Kirkpatrick who initiated the tribute, said, “Caryl was a wonderful person and very deserving of this honor”. The FCBDD is better today because of Caryl’s influence and all of us greatly miss her since her passing in 2019.

Patricia Wagner Parsons and Roger “Bookie” Bookman