2024-2025 Preschool enrollment

“It is time to start thinking about preschool enrollment for next school year! Our application procedures have changed for 2024-2025. This will allow for increased convenience for both families and office staff as everything will be completed digitally. Digital completion is encouraged on a computer rather than a mobile device for ease of use. We suggest using a computer or toggling off the mobile friendly switch in the top corner of the page when completing the application.  

First, you will need to complete an initial application online through DocuSign. Students will only be considered for placement between the ages of 3 and up to 5 with the cutoff occurring on July 31, 2019. Three-year-old students may apply no sooner than two weeks prior to their third birthday unless they are 3 prior to the first day of school (August 19th, 2024) under which circumstance they can apply immediately. The initial application will ask you to list if your child currently has an IEP or is being evaluated. The preschool requires that students receiving special education services are already three years old and have an IEP in place to apply for placement. The Preschool Supervisor will contact you directly regarding the next steps for enrollment. Please contact the school at (740)335-1391 with any questions!